Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your hosting facilities located?

All of our hosting facilities are located in Australia. Currently, our solar farms are located in South Australia. We do have future plans to add additional hosting sites along the east coast of Australia.

Why should I trust Alpha?

Alpha is 100% Australian owned and operated. Collectively, we have over 15 years of experience running Bitcoin related businesses in Australia. You can learn more about whose makes up Alpha here.

Where do you source your hardware from?

We have a number of reputable and genuine resellers of hardware that we source our miners from. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our pricing and pass on those savings to Alpha customers.

Where does your energy come from?

All of our current sites are situated on solar farms in Australia. When the sun is shining our energy comes from these panels. During bad weather or when the sun isn't shining, we do rely on the grid to provide our base load.

Can I inspect my miner?

We love this idea and it's definitely something we plan to offer in the future. Stay tuned for updates here.

What type of security do you have on site?

All of our sites are protected by physical fencing and include on-site CCTV.

How long will it take for my miner to be activated?

Our goal is to provide next day connectivity from the moment you place your order with us. You will receive an email from us with the expected connection date once you place your order with us.

How does immersion mining work?

Immersion mining is the process of completely sinking the mining hardware in a special liquid solution. There are many benefits to immersion mining compared to air cooled mining. Some of these include:

- Less noise pollution

- Better heat regulation

- Less maintainence & cleaning

- Easier overclocking

- Greater machine longevity

How much does it cost to mine with Alpha?

Our current fixed energy rate is $X kw/h.

We also charge a $X daily hosting fee per miner.

There are no other hidden charges. You will be invoiced monthly.

Can I bring my own miner to be hosted with Alpha?

Yes! We are more than happy for you to supply us with your own hardware to be hosted at one of our facilities.

Please reach out to our customer service team to discuss your hardware and to ensure it will be compatible with our facilities.

Can I mine altcoins with Alpha?

No. We are a Bitcoin only mining company.