About Alpha

Alpha Hashrate (or Alpha as we like to go by) is an Australian owned Bitcoin mining company.

Being Bitcoiners ourselves, we believe in the importance of the Bitcoin network and want to help contribute to the future of sound money, through Bitcoin mining.

Alpha offers a full end-to-end solution for anyone who wants to mine Bitcoin but perhaps lacks the technical expertise or doesn’t have access to space to host miners at home due to noise and heat pollution.

Alpha gives everyone the abilitiy to become a Bitcoin miner without any of the hassle or challenges. We provide you with:

- Access to genuine ASIC miners at reasonable prices

- Access to large scale solar farms for hosting and cheaper/green electricity

- Access to immersion cooling solutions

- A fully hosted service, from start to finish

The Alpha team is made up of Aussie Bitcoiners with over 10+ years of experience in the Bitcoin industry from multiple areas - mining, exchanges, security, education & privacy.

Bitcoin mining. Made Cool. 

  • Christopher Pavlesic

    Chris is Alpha’s CEO and Founder. Having first learnt about Bitcoin in 2010, Chris has a rich experience working in the Bitcoin industry. His first startup, Coinstop, was the first reseller of hardware wallets in Australia. Having successfully generated over $1m in sales in the first 12 months of business, he knew that this industry has no shortage of excitement and opportunity. 

    Chris also co-founded Australia’s first privacy-focused software development non-for-profit, and continues to help grow the Bitcoin circular economy, working with the largest Bitcoin e-commerce business in the world - Bitrefill.

    First an educator, Chris has hosted, spoken at and participated in countless Bitcoin events, helping others navigate through the myriad of complexities.

    An entrepreneur at heart, Chris loves taking ideas from nothing and finding ways to turn them into something. Using the template of building things that he himself would use, Alpha is yet another venture that tries to fill a gap in the market - Bitcoin mining for anyone and everyone.

  • Kieran Nolan


    Kieran is Alpha’s CBO (Chief Bitcoin Officer) and Co-Founder. Kieran has been working on Bitcoin since Oct 10, 2012, 5:01 PM when he launched Australia’s first Bitcoin education program at school in NSW.

    Kieran later built the world’s first student-centric learning space in Victoria with a donation of 21 Bitcoin, where students learned about financial literacy and were able to choose their own learning journey’s; which included voting on how the 21 Bitcoin were allocated, and helping to build the space. 

    Kieran has now launched TheSchoolofBitcoin, a virtual school and decentralised autonomous education system built on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

    Kieran is also news manager of BitcoinAggregated, a news organisation dedicated to “curating and commenting on all the latest Bitcoin information from every corner of the Internet.” This platform now also hosts the alpha podcast.

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